Superior Group in partnership with IEM (Irish Environmental Management) have recognised a niche demand in the market and have developed a proven and environmentally sustainable solution to food waste management.

We design and build innovative, user friendly, cost-efficient machines that cater for the many different needs of our customers.

In-vessel composting (IVC) is a form of composting biodegradable waste that takes place in an enclosed aerobic digester. Using controlled air-flow and temperature, our IVC accelerates the rate of natural microbial composting. 

Composting Ireland

Advantages of IVC

  • Cost effective
  • Isolates material from the environment
  • Reduces weight and volume
  • Prevents rodent infestation
  • Eliminates need for food waste collection
  • Transforms waste to resource
  • Produces compost
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Who can benefit?

In order to comply with environmental regulation under waste management legislation, while substantially reducing costs, any premises, generating food waste will benefit from having an I.E.M composter on site.

The Process

In the composting process, the material is kick-started by naturally occurring micro-organisms which already exist in the waste. Temperature within the vessel is controlled in order to destroy pathogens, insect larvae and weed seeds. Food waste can be loaded into the composter on a daily basis, thus preventing cross-contamination while ensuring a clean environment. The IVC process reduces the weight and volume of food waste by a minimum of 75% and takes 4 to 5 days to complete.

Commercial compost

100% Waste to 10% Compost

The System

The composting machine turns your food waste into compost. All you need to do is put the waste into the composter and the system does the rest. Reducing your waste by up to 95%

What you can dispose of in this system

Our In-Vesell Composter can accept all types of Organic, Cooked or Raw

Foods, also Office and Green Waste.

Irish composting machines

Stages of composting

Stage 1 - Thermophilic

Crucial heat creating microorganisms eliminate pathogens and disease causing bacteria.

Stage 2 - Mesophilic

As temperature decreases, mesophiles feed on left over food scraps to further reduce mass.

Stage 3 - Psychrophilic

This cool temperature bacteria releases nutrients in the heap, curing the compost as it cools.

Stage 4 - Cured Compost

Ready for use on multiple Applications.

Stages of composting


  • Exit chute for finished compost - nutritional fertilizer ready for immediate use on grounds and gardens.
  • An board touch screen computer with recording and reporting to your smartphone laptop or tablet.
  • Our shredder has the ability to cater for all waste. This means that organic matter such as bones and branches can be pulverized into the optimal size for composting.
  • Easy access for maintenance through removable side panels. 

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