GPS Asset Tracking

Superior Group are the Main Agents for MT2 Track & Recover Covert Asset GPS Tracking Devices. MT2 Covert GPS Tracking Device is wireless, has a long battery life and can be concealed practically anywhere within your asset. MT2 is virtually undetectable, no antennas, wires to cut or continuous signal to scan.

Small and extremely robust, it is versatile and unlike most other vehicle tracking systems, it has its own on-board power supply ensuring that in the event of theft or tampering, the system will continue to operate. The system is ideally suited for covert installations on any item. Because Matrac is so flexible it has an important role to play in monitoring and recovering property such as caravans, motor-homes, jet-skis, trailers, plant & machinery as well as vehicles.

Key features

  • Easily concealed.
  • No external antenna.
  • No Wiring.
  • Up to 3 year self-powered battery.
  • Low battery notification.
  • Tamper Alarm.
  • 24/7 Service & Support.

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