Hotel Security

Our hotel security guards can come fully uniformed or on an undercover basis. They are trained to PSA and FETAC standards. The guards/detectives are in place to detect and defend your hotel property in the event of a theft whilst also ensuring customers and staff feel safe.

Duties carried out by the guard can also vary. These include:

  • Monitoring ingress and egress of all staff members within the hotel
  • Ensuring the hotel premises remains safe and secure at all times
  • Carrying out regular patrols to ensure access to trespassers/opportunists is kept to a minimum
  • The secure lock up of a property
  • Monitor CCTV

Our staff can adapt to different shift patterns depending on the requirements of the hotel client.

  • Detect and defend against thefts
  • Regular patrols of the property
  • Staff searches
  • Monitor CCTV

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