Keyholding and alarm response services are security services for owners or occupants of a premises leave keyholding duties to a third party. Keyholding and alarm response services are designed to protect owners and occupants of a premises, whether commercial or residential or public property. A security company is best suited to carry out keyholding duties as security personnel are competently trained to look after a premises or to attend an alarm activation.

This service involves a set of keys for your premises being securely held by us in our control room. This service generally works well with our alarm response service, where the keys will allow our guard entry to the premises in the event of an alarm activation.

The keyholding services also takes the pressure off you the business owner by allowing us to carry out several duties which may include:

  • Letting employees/tenants into the property in the event that they are locked out.
  • Showing the property to potential buyers/investors.

Simply provide us with the keys and access codes to your premises and as principal key holders we will dispatch a fully trained uniformed “Mobile Patrol Supervisor” to investigate any activation.

The keys to your premises will be kept in a fully secured and manned control. In order for our officer to gain access to the these keys they have to deal with two intruder alarms and two stage access control. All key transactions are logged to our computerised database.

Once one of our fully vetted officers has collected the keys, they will liaise with the Gardai, the alarm company and if necessary your company contacts to ensure that the premises is made safe. Clients with unoccupied premises can avail of this service for unlocking and locking their premises and doing periodic inspections of the properties. 

When you hand your keys over to Superior Security we can guarantee you that we will respond to any alarm calls, attend to any emergency and complete external and internal checks to safeguard against criminal damage whilst ensuring the overall safety of your building and your staff. 

You can also be sure that if needs be, our security guards will liaise with the emergency services on your behalf making it their business to protect your business. Our officer will remain on site until the site is secure. 

In the event of a false alarm the Security Supervisor will patrol the property, when satisfied that all is in order they will secure the premises and reset the Alarm.

Building Inspections

Building inspections can be carried out on your behalf. This can be as simple as a uniformed guard walking through the property or more extensive where the guard carries out several duties on the clients behalf.

Duties can include:

  • Lock Changing
  • Having the power switched off
  • Water being drained from the buildings internal tanks
  • Removal of combustible waste as per insurance requirements
  • With building inspections, the guard will fill out an inspection report once he has finished his duties. These reports are then passed on to the client.

Why choose Superior Keyholding

  • We provide rapid response cover, 24 hrs per day, 365 days per year.
  • Fully trained mobile patrol officers, ready to deal with any alarm activation.
  • We liaise with Gardai or emergency services when required.
  • We manage any out of hours or emergency repairs in the event of a break-in.
  • Minimising risk to you and your staff.
  • Complete peace of mind during the night, holidays, Christmas, family occasions.
  • The timely arrival of a Mobile Patrol Vehicle responding to an Alarm Activation can deter a thief resulting in fewer losses and less damage.
  • We offer tailored packages to suit your individual business and domestic needs.
  • By using our services you eliminate potentially dangerous or worrying situations to you or your staff, meeting Duty of Care requirements to your employees.
  • We work while you sleep, safe in the knowledge that our trained staff will check your premises if the alarm activates after hours.

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