Mobile CCTV

We operate a fully functional CCTV unit with modern high spec cameras and digital recording equipment on board, we also supply and install additional cameras around the event arena and monitor live from the CCTV unit. Our security personal have access to Overt Body-Worn Cameras throughout the event. This ensures you get the best coverage and footage possible for your event.

The vehicle allows maximum flexibility to monitor situations in different areas without the need for a permanent CCTV solutions. It can also be used as a mobile command, control and briefing unit at your events.

Technology on board

  • Six External mounted IR camera.
  • Roof Mounted Mast PTZ with IR and controlled internally (Extends 6 meters in height).
  • 32 Channel Digital Recording System.
  • Hi Visibility Markings on the Vehicle.
  • Mobile Running with On-Board Power supply.
  • Body-Worn Overt Cameras

Benefits of mobile CCTV

  • Increasing the security of your event.
  • Temporary CCTV Solution – static or mobile, unit can be deployed to several locations throughout site.
  • Reducing the risk of false accusations against your clients and staff which has increased by over 25% in recent years.
  • Increased deterrent

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