Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrols are a very effective visible deterrent, they will deter theft and remove any unauthorised people of site. A trained uniformed security guard, operating from a radio control company will visit your premises and carry out a patrol as required of the premises periodically during the night. 

Each of our clients has different needs, this is why we tailor make the mobile patrol requirements to suit each individual site.

The following task can be incorporated into our mobile patrol checks depending on the clients requirements 

  • Checking all exterior doors, entrances and gates
  • Checking the safety of all night workers
  • Checking for safety hazards on the property
  • Ensuring that there are no trespassers on the property
  • Deterring criminal activity  
  • Identifying unauthorised vehicles and clamping if necessary. 
  • Locking and Unlocking Gates and Doors at designated times.
  • Full perimeter foot patrols 

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