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Fire Detection Systems

            With years of experience, Superior Group can provide effective and practical solutions to
            meet specific client requirements. From a simple conventional system to a more complex
            addressable system, our engineers can advise on all aspects relevant to the client’s needs.


            We consider the design stage to be one of the most critical parts of any fire alarm installation.
            If not carried out correctly, you could have a system that does not comply with regulations (I.S
            3218:2013+A1:2019). A below standard installation may give out false alarms or at worse fail
            to detect fire correctly or not at all.

            The installation of your fire alarm system must not only comply with (IS 3218:2013+A1:2019)
            but also the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. Our engineers are competent in both aspects of
            installation. We will ensure that the alarm system is fitted in accordance with the plans and
            design specification.


            This is considered possibly the most important step in the installation of the fire alarm system.
            We will ensure that the system is fitted as per the design specifications and drawings. We will
            also ensure that the system complies with current regulations. If unhappy with the system, our
            engineer will give a list of works to be carried out before a re-test is scheduled.
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