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Fire Extinguishers

            Supplied and Serviced
            Superior Group can ensure your premises meet all the fire regulations regarding the number
            and type of fire extinguishers required. All our installation team have been trained to the
            highest standards and all our extinguishers are manufactured to European standard EN3
            under a strict quality-controlled system to I.S 291:2015.

            However, fire extinguishers also require maintenance to ensure they will work when needed or
            are more importantly safe for the person using the fire extinguisher. Superior Group supplies
            and services all types of fire extinguishers to I.S 291:2015.

            Fire Training

            Staff awareness of fire risk and knowledge of how to react to
            a situation is an essential health & safety element that should
            be made available to your employees. Superior Group can provide a
            comprehensive training package for your staff.

            Fire Suppression Systems

            Fire suppression systems are most commonly used in environments with heavy power
            equipment. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents
            to suppress equipment fires.
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