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Fire suppression systems are used in areas which may be left unattended for periods of time
            but where it is essential that an outbreak of fire be dealt with straight away. A fire suppression
            system can provide a rapid response to a developing fire with a clean agent leaving no residue
            and most importantly no equipment damage.

            For these reasons fire suppression systems are commonly used to protect:

                IT server rooms
                Switch rooms
                High value storage areas
                Electronic equipment rooms
                Commercial kitchens
                Any room or premises with a lot of electrical equipment

            Fire suppression systems have become best practice in several industries as they help control
            damage and loss to equipment. Common means of detection are through heat sensors, wiring,
            or manual detection (depending on system requirements).

            At Superior Group we have the technical expertise to design, install and maintain all types of
            fire suppression system.

            Disabled Refuge System

            Current Building Regulations insist that
            all new non-domestic buildings with
            more than one story provide ‘refuge
            areas’ – relatively safe places where
            people who cannot easily use fire
            escapes and evacuation lifts can call
            for assistance and wait until help arrives.

            Simple, effective 2-way communication
            in these areas is essential, firstly to assist
            rescue teams in determining where
            assistance is required and secondly
            to reassure people help is on the way.
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