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            Each appliance will be labelled with a barcoded ID tag with dates and results printed on them
            so that is clear that each of your appliances have been tested.

            Certification & Reporting

            You will receive a detailed report outlining the results of all your appliances which we will also
            back up for 5 years for you to help you comply with regulations.

            Periodic Inspections

            Thermal Imaging

            The wiring of the building will be checked using thermal imaging to spot any hidden electrical

            Earth Inspection
            Fixed metal assets will be checked to ensure earthing is in place to avoid an extremely
            dangerous shock if the metal where to come alive for any reason.

            Fuseboard Testing
            The fuse board will be inspected to ensure it is in good health and a trip test will be conducted
            on RCBs to ensure if there is a surge you  fuse board would block it and keep you safe.

            Other Elements

            They are the key checks but there are also many more conducted such as Polarity Testing,
            Earth Electrode Inspection and an overall Visual Inspection.
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